Teacher Writers

Teacher Writers

Writing Teachers Write: Opportunities for both BAWP TCs and the Greater Community

Writing Teachers Write: Expressions Readings (Open to the Public) 

Postponed until further notice.

A monthly literary reading series featuring Bay Area Writing Project Teacher Consultants and other local writers reading from their own work.

The founding principles of BAWP suggest that the best teachers of writing also write themselves. This monthly reading is a lively and unique place to hear the powerful voices of teachers and other writers in our rich and varied Bay Area communities. Join us! Pull up a chair! Come to read your piece or choose to listen as great writers share their craft.

For more information please contact Judy or Marty

Digital Paper (Submissions from BAWP TCs Only)

Digital Paper is an online magazine published by the Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP). Its contributors are BAWP Teacher Consultants, local educators who completed  the BAWP Invitational Summer Institute in the Teaching of Writing. The audience of this eZine is anyone interested in good reading, writing, viewing, and listening.

We are dedicated to the premise that in order to be effective teachers of the arts we must also slide behind typewriters, pick up chalk, strap on guitars, start the camera rolling, reach for the brush…and pursue the arts ourselves, with passionate abandon, tumbling head over heels into the next moment.

What you have before you is something we call an eZine. It contains poems, stories, essays, paintings and more. It is digital. It has audio tracks. It has links. It provides opportunities for feedback and interaction with the writers and artists. Please feed them whenever possible.

Read our most recent issue: https://digitalpaper.wordpress.com/

For more information please contact the ezine editor at bawpzine@gmail.com

Professional Writing Group (Open to BAWP TCs Only) 

Contributing to the local and national conversation about education.

Have you sometimes said to yourself at the end of a teaching day or while sitting down to read student work, “I really need to write this down because guess what? This is important.” Maybe you’ve adjusted your pedagogy in recent times and have a lot you’d like to say. Maybe you interviewed a student or two about a certain lesson and found yourself puzzled, amazed, or enlightened by their perceptions. Maybe you facilitated a memorable teacher meeting or participated in a classroom observation that changed your views about your practice. Maybe you’ve gone to coffee with a colleague and found yourself in a conversation you can’t stop thinking about.  

Possibly, you’re one of the many who still want to make good on your promise since the Summer Institute that you would keep writing because you have something to say about your professional experiences – even if you’re not sure how to say it? 

Consider joining a group of like-minded colleagues who want to write about what they know, imagine, enjoy, observe, and question about the teaching of writing. Be part of putting our professional lives into words.

Contact bawp@berkeley.edu for more information.