Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops

Come join practicing teachers as they share techniques and strategies that work in their classrooms.

The Bay Area Writing Project is excited to provide high quality professional development opportunities at an affordable price for teachers throughout the Bay Area. This workshop series is perfect for teachers, administrators, coaches, coordinators, student teachers or anyone interested in the teaching of writing.

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2021-2022 Weekend Workshop Series Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the challenging circumstances of this school year, we are unable to host the final two workshops in the Weekend Workshop series. Moving forward, we are considering how we might rethink these workshops to best support and nurture the needs of a post-pandemic educational community. 

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Zoom Link Open: 9:30 am

Opening Remarks: 9:35 am

Session 1: 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Break: 10:45 am - 11:00 am

Session 2: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


  • Register for all three of the Weekend Workshops ($45.00)
  • Writing Across the Disciplines on November 13, 2021 ($20.00)

  • Register for Voice, Identity, Access and Equity on February 26, 2022 ($20.00) - coming soon

  • Register for Writing Strategies for Language Development on March 19, 2022 ($20.00) - coming soon


--  Groups of 3 or more get a 20% discount (must register at the same time and the discount automatically deducted during check out)

Writing Across the Disciplines (November 13, 2021)

Writing has never been the exclusive domain of English teachers. Teachers of all subjects have the potential to not only offer students space to make sense of ideas, but also to build comfort with the kinds of writing that exist in different disciplines. These workshops explore the importance of consistently embedding writing into content lessons across disciplines. Workshops will focus on routines, strategies and tools for understanding content and developing composition skills.   

Register for Writing Across the Disciplines on November 13, 2021 ($20.00)

Cancelled: Voice, Identity, Access and Equity (February 26, 2022)

Classrooms can provide courageous spaces for exploring collective and individual identities.  Writing often plays a critical role in this exploration and provides a humanizing lens through which students can see each others’ experiences. These workshops will focus on strategies, protocols and content that support students to contribute their stories, share their truths and invite others into conversation through writing. 

Register for Voice, Identity, Access and Equity on February 26, 2022 ($20.00)

Cancelled: Writing Strategies for Language Development (March 19, 2022)

Classrooms are filled with students who are linguistically and culturally diverse. These workshops will explore language features and support language production for all learners. Teachers will experience rich language writing strategies and tools to provide targeted instruction for various levels of language fluency.

This is a remote workshop. A pre-event email providing the zoom link will be shared the evening before. Please make sure to check the email used during registration. 

Register for Writing Strategies for Language Development on March 19, 2022 ($20.00)

Writing Across the Disciplines Workshops 

November 13, 2021

Session 1: 

The Important Thing about Writing Is...

Presenter: Jenna Schott

The creative acts of drawing and writing are often segregated in the classroom, but this is a missed opportunity for developing learners' critical thinking. In this workshop, participants will learn how students can deepen their understanding of multiple points of view and hone writing craft as they write about their drawings. Attendees will spend time sketching , crafting well-structured paragraphs that share different perspectives on pictorial depictions of the weather, and creating unique characters.

Concepts presented in this workshop are applicable across grade levels, but specifically geared towards elementary students. 

Session 1:

Engaging Students through Project Based Learning

in Elementary Science

Presenter: Elizabeth Cooke

Do you want the secret formula for  incorporating project based learning in your science instruction? In this workshop, participants will examine a project based learning project that engages students about the environment and meets common core standards. Experience how a picture book, primary sources, graphs, and maps can lead students to in-depth critical thinking. Participants take away strategies for using project based learning in their own classrooms.

The learning tasks presented in this workshop are suited for teachers who work with students in grades 3-6 but could easily be adapted for older students.

Session 2: 

Writing Across the Genres

Presenter: Ralph Bedwell

Today’s students need more than just novels, plays, poems, and articles in their Language Arts classes. To be fully text-literate today means the ability to interact, understand, and think critically about a wide range of text genres including film, photography, podcasts, lyrics, and more. Expand the scope of your literacy program to include high-level analysis of this broader range of texts--the written, the spoken, the visual, the musical, and the multimodal. Workshop participants will receive modeling of ways to introduce students to the analysis of these alternative text genres, strategies for developing their own units, and feedback on their ideas and questions.

This workshop is best suited for teachers of upper elementary to college teachers. 

Session 2: