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Only teachers truly know what goes on in the classroom and reflecting upon our practice through writing is incredibly empowering and potent.
Nancy Barile, “Five Reasons Why Teachers Should Write About Their Practice,” Education Week
And when we do our own writing, we are making learners of ourselves in the fluid process of insight as it unfolds.
Kim Stafford in Teachers at the Center

Teacher Voices from the Classroom: Breakthroughs, Transformations, Challenges, and What We Know to Be True

Welcome to a space designated for classroom stories, reflections, inquiries, and eyewitness accounts written by teachers for teachers. Every teacher knows what it means to be in conversation with another teacher – to discover new ideas, to be inspired to reach higher, to be reassured that our experiments and innovations are not in vain.

We invite you to contribute to a body of work portraying the eye-opening, thought-provoking, and challenging stories and moments that happen in your classroom. 

Our goals:

  • To promote a community of teachers writing about their classroom practices. 
  • To capture the diversity and richness of our current generation of teachers and their students and how they learn together. 
  • To revisit time-honored practices and why they have remained effective. 
  • To continue the long-held tradition and belief that teachers as professionals have the responsibility and privilege to write about what we know to be true.

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