Recent Workshops for Writers Workshop: Getting to Voice and Craft

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We all tend to agree that we want our students’ writing to be less formulaic, but we seem reluctant as teachers to let go of those formulas. It seems that we can focus less on formulas if we instead utilize strategies that make more transparent the processes good writers use.
High School ELA Teacher

Writing for Authentic Audiences and Purposes

Projects and tasks that inspire writers. 

Making the Most of Mentor Texts: Wide Reading for Developing Writers

Imitating and emulating master writers.

Fine Tuning Peer Response and Critique

Providing tools and growing capacity for productive reader response.

New Literacies and Pop Culture: Activating Student Voice

Tapping contemporary literacies as a way of increasing access.

Author’s Chair, Open Mic, Print, & Online Publishing

Rehearsals and performance options for presenting student work.

Grammar and Conventions in Context

Teaching the mechanics of writing at the point of relevance and need.