Recent Workshops for Writing Within and Across Disciplines

I loved the space created for general inquiry and sharing of knowledge. I also loved the use of models to create understanding of some very powerful teaching strategies: multiple narratives for history; how to read historical texts and analyze information for historical significance; how to teach students to write an historical argument; reading as conversation.
Middle School English & History “Core” Teacher

Genre Writing in the Primary and Upper Elementary Grades 

Mentor texts serve as models for a wide variety of writing projects.

Argument, Informational, and Narrative Writing in the Humanities

Discipline-driven Inquiry projects draw on one or more text types to build and present knowledge.

Through Different Lenses: Writing in the ELA and History/Social Studies Classrooms

What’s common, what’s unique when writing in different disciplines?

Cognitive Crossover: Writing Habits of Mind in Science and Art

Cultivating observational skills for developing interpretations.

Tensions Between Personal and Academic Writing

Audience and Purpose Drive the Writer’s Voice.

Research to Build and Present Knowledge: Genre Overlaps and Extensions

Through and Beyond the Common Core Text Types for Presenting Information

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