Recent Workshops for Voice, Identity, Access and Equity

I am moved. I am stimulated and motivated. The context and sequence was provocative and helped me to realize ways in which I myself am a victim of, contribute to, as well as am working to change this system. I need to continue with the re-education of not only my students, but of me.
Elementary Teacher

Building Individual Student Identities and Developing a Strong Classroom Culture and Community

Writing that provides a humanizing lens through which students can see each others’ experiences. 

Avoiding the Single Story: Promoting Equity with Counter Narratives

Whose stories are foregrounded? Whose stories live in the shadows?

Project-Based, Student Centered, Authentic Writing for Change

Turning empathy into activism.

Re-Education of Us

Youth Participatory Action Research as Transformative Counter Story.

Writing for Social-Emotional Resilience 

Writing to power-through times of challenge.

Language Acquisition and Civic Action: Participatory Action Research in the ELD Classroom

Engaging young people in real world problem solving while balancing the teaching of explicit language instruction and acquisition.

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