Programs for TCs

Programs for BAWP Teacher Consultants

Unique programs designed to continue developing our BAWP Teacher Consultants.

Professional Collaborators Network (PCN)

A place to improve your practice while you connect intellectually with your professional peers.

What is the PCN? The PCN is a continuation of the professional support provided during the ISI. Participants volunteer to present a demo with an inquiry question about their practice so peers can respond to and support their work. TCs might revise the demo they presented in the ISI, try out a new presentation, or refine a workshop they’ve already developed and possibly delivered. Demos might be in preparation for an upcoming PD series, a weekend workshop, the annual BAWP Forum, or a state or national conference. Sometimes TCs facilitate a discussion around a compelling article or provocative instructional question. With current shifts to remote learning, TCs are especially hungry for input on their virtual teaching deliveries which might become timely workshops for wider audiences of educators.

Not only has the PCN become a trusted community for sharing practice and honing presentations, it has become a haven for taking on the critical educational questions of our time. We invite you to become an active participant to contribute your expertise and grow BAWP’s capacity to offer timely, relevant, and inspiring workshops.

Contact Grace or Jeannie for more information.

I love participating in BAWP's PCN, which is unlike any other PD I've experienced in my career as a teacher. Every TC has great insight and effective teaching practices to share with the group, whether they are the presenter or a participant. I can thank the PCN for providing a collaborative community for my professional growth; since participating in the PCN, I've gained the confidence and skills to present parts of my practice with my school community, the BAWP community, and beyond.

BAWP EL Inquiry Group

An opportunity to connect with other teachers who are interested in sharing and exploring current effective practices for teaching multilingual learners. 

How do English Learners acquire language? What approaches best support teaching English Learners to be effective writers? How can writing help second-language learners develop their skills in language and content knowledge?  Like all complex questions, there are no easy or quick answers. Since 2013, the BAWP EL Group has met monthly to learn about language acquisition, share practices and dilemmas, and refine presentations that support multilingual learners. In 2019-2020, the study group pivoted with a focus on the unique challenges and joys of writing with Newcomers, and for the 2020-2021 year, we take on the specific challenges of distance learning and explore adjustments for teaching in virtual contexts. 

Consider joining this professional learning community to share your own insights, practices, and questions about language acquisition, learn from others who may have similar teaching experiences and questions, and contribute to BAWP’s capacity to lead the work in addressing English learner challenges toward acquiring social and academic literacy.

Contact David or Liz for more information. 

Sometimes a teacher wants to talk about not only the challenges but the joys of teaching multilingual learners. I so appreciate how we have themes for each of our get-togethers, discuss current research, and share our practice. I was excited when the book we chose for reading, “Amplifying the Curriculum” came out. It was perfect timing for diving in with our book club approach. I appreciated applying readings to our different work contexts and learning from each other’s experiences.