Recent Workshops for Digital Composition

The presenter moved thoughtfully through a variety of examples of media-driven narratives and arguments, stopping along the way to have us assess the necessary skills needed to produce new kinds of digital compositions and presentations. We moved from being critical analyzers of media to producers of digital projects.
High School Humanities Teacher

Building a New Understanding of Writing Using Digital Tools

Reconsidering authorship, collaboration, and content development.

Revision Using Digital Tools 

How teacher and peer feedback changes in cloud-based environments.

SBAC in the Age of Digital Writing

Exercises that prepare students for the test and beyond the test.

Movies, Sound and More: Digital Composition In Multiple Modalities

An examination of how emerging genres use multiple modalities.

Flipping the Research Project for the Digital Age

Incorporating digital literacies and use of mobile devices for database and field research.

From Critical Consumers to Critical Producers of Digital Platforms

Conceptualizing, creating, and disseminating digital projects that break silences, expose important truths, and challenge unjust systems.

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