Recent Workshops for College and Career-Ready Writers 

In our discussion of academic writing, we looked at model texts, engaged in academic writing ourselves, and analyzed the moves we teachers naturally make. We came away broadening our definition of “academic” and focused on the process as much as the product.
High School English Teacher

Visions and Revisions: Renewing our High School Writing Program

What content and practices endure? What new literacies of the moment and for the future should we consider?

Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay

Breaking out of formula writing to inspire deep thinking.

From Close Reading and Text Annotation to Academic Essay

Different lenses for close reading produce unique varieties of essays.

Point /Counterpoint: Taking on Logical Fallacies in Argumentation

What’s illogical about the logic?

The Proteus Project: Research with A Key Critical Question in Mind

A research journey that personalizes inquiry and draws on contemporary media platforms and tools for presentation of findings.

Composing the College Application Essay/The Personal Statement

Discovering the narrative that speaks for student identity.

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