Recent Workshops for Assessment and Evaluation

I would like to celebrate that the higher performing students’ essays did not end up formulaic. I had been concerned that they were, but by comparing them to their fall essays, I saw that they had actually grown. Also, when reading students’ own reflections on fall and spring writing, I noticed they have really taken ownership of the academic vocabulary surrounding writing: ‘elaborating,’ ‘ rhetorical techniques,’ ‘reasoning.’ I am glad that my low performing writers incorporated more evidence and references to sources than in earlier essays. I really loved that one of my lowest writers said he “loves writing more now than he used to.” Several students talked about struggling to reach my standards but not in a negative way. They feel like that struggle helped them learn new skills.
8th grade ELA/History “Core” Teacher

To Teach or Not to Teach to the Test?

SBAC Performance Tasks in Classroom Practice.

Low, Medium, and High-Stakes Writing

Workouts that grow capacity for critical thinking and high-performance writing.

Responding Effectively to Student Writing and Building Capacity for Deep Revision

Where to start the critical conversation that sparks new thinking and propels revision.

The Single Point Rubric

A Tool for Student Agency and Self-Determination.

Introducing and Maintaining Writing Portfolios: Cultivating Writer Identity 

Weekly writing, regular feedback, self-reflection, & publishing individual work.

Common Assessment:  Looking at Student Performance Across the Grades

What students show they know and can do with a common performance task.

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