Recent Workshops for Academic Literacy for Multilingual Learners

A wonderful peek into the presenter’s classroom, its linguistic diversity, and the use of hands-on learning for informational-based writing, as well as the introductory 'Mi Familia' writing task which was an interesting window into language engagement about things that matter and that are of interest to emerging writers.
Elementary School Teacher

Writing with Newcomer Students

Engaging student talk, whole class conversation, written output.

Building Identities as Readers and Writers in the Dual Language Classroom

Leveraging linguistic and cultural assets of students and families.

Advancing Academic Literacy for Long-Term English Learners (LTELs)

Meaningful projects alongside explicit language instruction.

Academic Language Development (ALD) in the Designated ELD classroom

Language practice and reinforcement with content-specific tasks.

Linguistic Autobiographies

Composing first-person narrative essays for reflection on the history of students’ relationship with language.

Collaborative Writing: Supporting the Academic and Social-Emotional Needs of Multilingual Learners

Co-creating texts to inspire engagement, confidence, and growing facility with academic language.

Using Multimedia to Engage ELD Students’ Academic Writing

Using graphics, images, text, video to build comprehension and language use.

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