8. Write NOW?! WRITE now!

We find ourselves challenged in a school year when we have insufficient time to prepare lessons, when we are forced to pivot our delivery systems, remain responsive to the requests of students, parents and administrators. It surely appears that writing, as teachers, change-makers, visionaries and story-tellers, is very low on the priority list. But now more than ever is a time to write: to your students, for your students, for your colleagues and for yourself! Come share compelling reasons to write, explore key ideas from recent teacher-writer research and write to several departure points in order to launch some timely and meaningful writing.

Intended Audience: All Grade Levels

Meredith Pike-Baky is a writing enthusiast, gardener and grandmother. She has taught BAWP’s Writing Workshop for Teachers since 2002 and is currently co-facilitating a writing retreat in Girona, Spain with Greta Vollmer. In addition to a long and varied teaching career, she has coauthored Rain, Steam & Speed: Building Adolescent Fluency and Prompted to Write: Building On-Demand Writing Skills. Her most recent writing project, Tales of Togo: A Young Woman’s Search for Home, was published in September 2020 and chronicles her adventures as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa in the early 70’s.