6. What is Owed since 1619?

Working with the resources and commentary from the 1619 Project and Equal Justice Initiative, this workshop focuses on historiography, or the work of writing history based on the critical examination of sources. Participants will write arguments debating whether the federal government should pay Black Americans reparations for slavery.

Intended Audience: The information in this workshop is most applicable to high school English and Social Studies teachers, but could easily be adapted for use in middle school classrooms in which cross-disciplinary writing instruction and social justice debates are a focus.

Carla Williams-Namboodiri (ISI 2010) has been teaching Social Studies and English for 14 years at Oakland Unified School District. She is also a coordinator for BAWP’s Young Writers Camps and after-school writing enrichment programs in OUSD, BUSD and WCCUSD, supported by the California State Library Student Author Program grant partnership.