4. Nurturing Student Engagement: Interactive Digital Learning - Part 2 Praxis

Engaging students in this new pandemic world has never been more important nor more difficult. The topics will be covered in two workshops, one focused on pedagogy and one on praxis. With each focusing  on building a safe nurturing, equity focused digital community that engages our students in deep meaningful learning, while balancing empathy and rigor. Utilizing a variety of digital tools; such as Google Classroom, Docs, Presentation, Sites, Flipgrid, Adobe Sparks, or padlet to  break through the constraints of distance learning and focus on the unique opportunities for opening up student voices, choices and collaboration. 

Intended Audience: Intended for upper elementary through high school

Marna Blanchard has been a BAWP TC since 2006 and taught in the SFUSD for 26 years.  Her work has focused on creating inclusive, equitable communities where student voices and choices are at the heart of the work. She is currently one of the coordinators for the BAWP Young Writers Camps (that for the second year will be virtual) and co-teaching distance learning. as a volunteer, an ESL class at Francisco Middle School.