3. Student Journalists: Reporting on the Pandemic to Develop Empathy

The unit’s goal is to find similarities and cultivate connectedness as well as reflect on systematic differences regarding racism, classism, and other inequalities among experiences to cultivate empathy, without the dangerous othering effects. In order to reflect and begin to understand the coronavirus’ impact on society, students become active journalists, recording individual accounts and researching communities to ethically report the wide range of experiences, responses, and reactions to the pandemic. Students will compose two reports: Straight News and a Feature Story, which will guide students to understand the similarities and differences of writing depending on the differing purposes, audiences, and writing tools.

You will leave this workshop with a Journalism Unit Outline modified to serve Distance Learning; hyperlinked worksheets and the necessary daily materials will accompany the unit. You will also have access to student models, rubrics, prompts, and a parents handout with aligned Common Core Standards covered.

Intended Audience: Middle and High School English Course Teachers

Rachel Hudson is in her tenth year of teaching. She started teaching middle and high school in San Francisco Unified until 2014, when she transferred to Mill Valley Unified. Here she continues to educate middle school ELD and English Language Arts students.