2. What is My Linguistic History?

What language (s) did my parents speak? What languages did my grandparents speak? In this workshop participants investigate and engage in producing a map of their linguistic histories tracing it back as far as they can, in order to become metacognitive about their own language and to value the language they use. Attendees will be provided with a brief history of bilingual education in the US, and language scaffolds for creating contexts for language learning. Participants will engage in reflection on how their family, institutions and peers have shaped their language(s). Close attention will be given to instances of language shift (loss), maintenance, and/or revival, and how the process of learning a language informs our identity.

Intended Audience: 3-5th Grade Teachers

Luz Salazar has been a Spanish bilingual elementary educator for over 20 years and a Summer 2020 BAWP fellow participant. She currently works as a 5th grade Bilingual teacher in a dual immersion program at Melrose Leadership Academy in Oakland.