2. Elevating Equity and SEL through Writing

The writer’s workshop is a place where we move both into and out of the self in order to create. It should be a place of agency, creativity, and belonging. In this workshop we will write and analyze student writing using SEL as a lens. We will think about how writing tasks and instructional practices can elevate student SEL skills, build community, and become transformational spaces for deep learning. 

Intended Audience: This workshop is appropriate for  K-8 grades teachers. 

Aija Simmons, Program Manager for the Office of Social and Emotional Learning in Oakland Unified School District spends her time coaching teachers and supporting the many BAWP programs designed to improve the teaching of writing. She has been teaching in urban public schools for over 15 years. Aija enjoys spending time with her daughter, creative writing and blogging in her down time.